Preset Pack VOL.01 / Zermatt

Preset Pack VOL.01 / Zermatt


Joshua Fuller Preset Pack VOL.01

“Joshua Fuller is well known for his erie and moody edits, he thrives in alpine and forest environments. Whether he is shooting from up close or from afar each edit is seamlessly connected in a moody way.”

8 Nature Lightroom Presets

// Alpine Peaks - Perfect for underexposed mountain captures, high contrast and winter blue tint

// Forest Fog - A moody upgrade to a misty woodland shot, dark tones and green tint

// Gorge-ous - Suited to the more dense photos that include a lot of detail 

// Mood Bliss - Similar to Gorge-ous this preset is perfect for moody scenes 

// Mountain Focus - Making the mountain peaks burst with texture 

// Reflection Blue - Creating crystal clear waters and emphasising the surrounding areas 

// Valley Forest - The perfect autumnal setting, boosting the dark tones and contrast 

// Winter Blue - A preset for the snowy environments, blue hue and high contrast  

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