Preset Pack VOL.02 / Venice

Preset Pack VOL.02 / Venice


Joshua Fuller Preset Pack VOL.02

“Venice is an extraordinary place, getting lost in the maze of buildings and stumbling across bridges with stunning views through narrow passageways is the best part. This pack is perfect for travellers with both landscape and portrait presets. Full of colour. Full of life”

6 Nature Lightroom Presets

2 Portrait Presets

// (P) Bellissima - Knocks down the intensity and focuses on the fine details, Soft and pink hue

// (P) Icon - Perfect for fashion related images, enhanced colours and details

// Bright City - Turn a dark view into a bright one with enhanced colours and highlights

// Escape - Giving dark shots a more intense look, perfect for wide angle images with less light

// Pink City - Creates pink and gold tones, a great looking contrast

// Red Brick - Giving architecture more life with red tones and greater clarity

// Vivid - Turns flatter images into a colourful composition, Can also be used for portrait shots

// White Out - Whiter skies and increased highlights, Perfect for architecture

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