Preset Pack VOL.06 / Iceland

Preset Pack VOL.06 / Iceland


Joshua Fuller VOL.06 / Iceland

“After exploring only a fraction of Landmannalaugar it dawned on me that i had somehow travelled to Mars… Iceland is truly unique in all aspects of landscapes, rich with incredible textures, tones and of course volcanic material. All combined make for an epic trip and wonderful photography.”

8 Landscape Lightroom Presets



Green/Blue Tones

Abyss | Moody atmosphere for cloud formations, dark and eerie

Bronze | Similar to Green Hills changing to booze tones and increases shadows

Green Hills | The Iceland preset perfect for summer, rich greens and dark shadows

Red Hills | Enhanced red tones and green tones for volcanic areas

Stealth | Ideal for making brighter areas stand out, black out background

The Island | Moody settings, increased blue hue and desaturated greens

The Landy | Dedicated to the best mode of transport, golden tones, increased shadows

Wild | Aimed at Icelandic horses, high contrast and highlights for detail enhancement

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