Preset Pack VOL.05 / Dubai

Preset Pack VOL.05 / Dubai


Joshua Fuller VOL.05 / Dubai

“Its a place out of the ordinary that you cant prepare for. A huge city that always looks desolate but still well kept and extremely clean. Its a destination that lives two separate lives both daytime heat wave and nightfall nightlife.”

9 Travel Lightroom Presets



Green/Blue Tones

// 154 - Top of the Burj Khalifa, 154 floors looking over the city, hight contrast and dark tones

// Blue Lagoon - Soft blue colour with additional increase in surrounding tones

// Bright City - Perfect for the hazy landscapes increasing depth of buildings and rich colour

// Bronzed - Blue and bronze tones perfect for the popular landmarks

// City Lights - Suitable for night shooters creating rich blacks and pumped up colour

// Icon - Can be used for products and portrait shots increasing colours and clarity

// Palm - Focusing on the greenery around Dubai with palm and tropical environments, rich green tones

// Teal Waters - Aqua focused edits for water, increasing contrast and blue tones

// Tropical - Deep blacks and shadows, manipulated green for a moody feel

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